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About Integrity Workshop

"We are committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service. Our goal is always to create designs tailored to our clients’ unique personal styles and practical needs."

Integrity Workshop specializes in designing  living spaces that come with a modern yet welcoming look and feel for every generation. Want more!!!!! We create homes that give your place  an exclusive identity of it's own. A touch of grandeur with refined sense of aesthetics and a cohesive design with attention to finer details, form the basic design philosophy of any home designed by us.

The outer look of any house matters more than anything’s it introduces the family wealth, status and life style. Having a greater exterior add to the personality and provide the reputation in neighbors or surrounding. This in itself is a complex task and has to be well planed according to the surrounding environment and addition to the need of the place weathers its house or working place or anything.
It gives the outer beauty to the place and add a value to the place make it look more beautiful.
This includes roof, outer garden, area parking area and all that can be done to make the place most attractive from outer look.


Integrity Workshop focusses in bringing humanity back to its origin, that is NATURE. In order to do that we try to bring harmony between inside and outside, keeping it close to their true forms.

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Our Process

At Integrity , we want to ensure that all of our projects are completed to the highest of standards. Our process begins with a consultation where we discuss your needs, budget, and design preferences. We then create a detailed plan to ensure all aspects of the project are taken into consideration. Our team of experts then works together to ensure the interior is designed and installed with great attention to detail. Finally, we invite you to inspect the project to make sure everything meets your expectations before signing off. We strive to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Pre-construction Design 

Based on your ideas and inputs we provide a 2 hour consultation of the same. We analyze the existing condition of the site for further development.


Design, Construction and Estimation

A design or development presentation is given, along with an estimate for all the mentioned work. It gives an understanding to the client of the budget and approximate date of release.

The Work

Getting work done after the client's approval on the budget and materials for the site.

The Final Touch

The final touches of a room includes accessories and client's personal items and collections along with a few small plants before the BIG REVEAL.


Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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